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It all begun as we sat with our cherished Charlotte, watching her eager eyes follow the pages as we turned them, or her mother stealing quiet moments to read alone by the fire. Having a perfect place to appreciate the simplicity in moments, the subtleness of sophistication, it is what we believe in.

These precious moments sparked an idea, that idea became alight.  


We believed then, and now, that both time and comfort are two of life's truest luxuries. Time with each other; time with our daughter; time to read; time to reflect; time to be comfortable. We decided that we desired to bring the luxury of time into people’s homes in the most comfortable way possible. Our way of doing so has been to design and craft a collection of simple and timeless furniture pieces, both stylish and made for comfort.

We believe in side-stepping the stress of the hustle, of slowing down, of enjoying the simple moments, of inhaling the beauty of life and experiencing the joy, the joy of sophisticated simplicity.


So we designed a chair. A chair that was inspired by those simple moments shared with our daughter Charlotte. Handcrafted with high-quality materials to offer a visual and physical (and rather comfortable) reminder to take a step back, to take a seat, and to enjoy. The result has been exactly what we had hoped, to add subtle sophistication to any room, in any home, at an affordable price.


The Elizabeth chair is our original design. The collection will be added upon through additional limited release pieces. Each piece is guaranteed to be not only grand in its simplicity and sophistication, but also unique.  



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Product Story - The Elizabeth chair


The Elizabeth chair encompasses all elements of ease and enjoyment. Our own daughter Charlotte inspired the design, a design both charming yet distinct; the perfect statement piece. The classic style adds a traditional touch to any living room, or brings a taste of luxury to any bedroom.


We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy moments of luxury, for an affordable price of course.


The Elizabeth chair is luxurious and handcrafted with the plush back, packed with high-density and high-resilient foam, featuring deep-set buttons. Crafted using fine yet durable Sahara fabric, with a pocket coil base and a pronounced wing in the arms. It is the subtle things, such as the curve of the leg that is featured beneath the chair itself or the studded detail, that make the Elizabeth chair a truly timeless piece.

A single statement piece has the power to transform a space, much like a simple moment of joy can transform your day. Comfort is a luxury, and luxury is comfortable.


“Luxury must be comfortable. Otherwise it is not luxury” - Coco Chanel

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